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April 7th 2024 update:
New feedback from clients:

“Thank you very very much for your modification as well as your feedback.
It was so helpful, I had thought my essay covered almost all the necessary information, but I realized that there is an area of improvement thanks to Jeff’s comments.
I appreciate your support.”
– SOAS University of London

“Hi Jeff,
GREAT NEWS! I was admitted to Haas and Georgetown!
I couldn’t have achieved this wonderful outcome without your support. I sincerely thank you!”

“Hi, Jeff!
I got accepted to Yale MBA thanks to you!!!!! I am very excited and trully grateful for all your support for this 6-month journey. I will study even harder to get the most out of the environment I am given! Thank you.”

Feb 23rd 2024 Update: 500!!!
I am thrilled to share this week that three more clients received good news. Two LLMs and one MBA. This means that I have been able to do my happy dance 500 times since founding Roah Consulting in 2009. This milestone coincides with my 15th anniversary as an independent consultant, and it means that I have been able to celebrate an average of 33 admissions per year with my clients.

Every time, I get such good news from a client, it fills me with joy and gratitude. It also reminds me of how glad I am that I decided to launch my business in 2009, in the middle of a financial crisis. Going independent, was the smartest business decision I have ever made. It has allowed me to support my clients in my own way. That means providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to each client. That means spending more time with each client to understand their goals and needs. That means taking on only a limited number of clients per year to ensure quality and attention. But most importantly, that means delivering great results for my clients.

So, I will continue to serve my clients this way. Let me close by saying congratulations to all of my clients, who I also consider my partners. Without them and their efforts, there would not be a Roah Consulting. So, thank you and good luck!

Feb 3rd 2024 Update: Admissions to Columbia, IESE & ESADE (2)!

It’s been a busy start to 2024. In January, I was able to congratulate clients who were admitted to Columbia and IESE. And this morning, I received more good news. With an Executive Assessment (EA) score of 152, another of my clients was admitted to the full-time ESADE MBA program. He had been struggling with GMAT, so he switched to EA since several full-time programs are now accepting this test. Over the past month, I have also been busy helping my clients prepare for interviews. This is an intense but exciting period for my clients as they wait to hear good news.

This brings my total acceptances up to 494. Seven more to 500!

Quick update: Another clients was also admitted to ESADE today. The total is now 495!

And two more just in: The LLM programs of Northwestern and Cornell. 497.

Congratulations to all of my clients who have received great news so far in 2024, and keep up the hard work to all the rest of you. I am confident that good news is coming your way soon.

Dec 13th update!
Another client sent me the good news of an admission today. MIT Sloan Fellows. The total admissions of my clients is now up to 491. Getting closer to the big 500!

Dec 6th 2023 update!
In the past week, I have just received my first results for the 2023-2024 application period.
One has been accepted into USC IBEAR MBA, and the other has been accepted into Stanford MSx. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with both of them. They are diligent, disciplined, and have given their utmost effort for success. I am confident that both of them will become outstanding students.

That brings the total admissions my clients have received since I launched Roah Consulting to 490. Considering my other outstanding and hard-working clients, I am confident that the figure will surpass 500 early next year.

2023 Results: 32 admissions (as of July 5th, 2023)

US MBA: Babson, Carnegie Mellon Tepper, Chicago Booth FT (2), Chicago Booth EMBA, Columbia, Emory, Maryland, Michigan Ross (2), MIT Sloan, Northwestern Kellogg, NYU Stern, Pittsburgh Katz, Stanford, Texas, USC IBEAR, UC Berkeley Haas, Vanderbilt, Yale SOM

European: Copenhagen Business School, HEC Paris (2), IE, IESE, LBS (2), Manchester, Oxford Said FT, Oxford Said EMBA,

Non-MBA: Harvard Kennedy School (MPA), Cornell School of Industrial and Labor Relations (Master of HR Management)

Other: Fulbright Scholarship, Oxford Fellowship

Recent feedback from 2023 clients:

Comments on services/benefits provided by Roah Consulting:

I’m over the moon! I received a call from Stanford and was offered a seat in MSx class of 2025!!! I could not achieve this without you. I really really appreciate all of your support I have received from you for the last 6 months. I’m so happy now.
– Stanford MSx

Jeff’s consistently reviewed my essays with remarkable speed, leaving me impressed with his responsiveness. Even during the busiest seasons, I never experienced a moment when he failed to respond within 24 hours. Furthermore, his encouragement throughout our sessions was invaluable. I am deeply grateful to Jeff, as it is thanks to his assistance that even I was able to secure a scholarship. Thank you, Jeff!
– Chicago Booth EMBA, USC Marshall IBEAR, Michigan Ross GMBA

ロア・コンサルティングのサービスは、そうした私の課題を解決し、私の強みをEnhanceしてくれるものだった。初期のコンサルティングではWhy MBA?等のCommon Questionsについて会話していく中で、客観的なアドバイスをもらうことができた。例えば私は「自分の会社がグローバル化していくことで海外事業における日本人のプレゼンスが下がっており、MBAで力をつけて私がリーダーシップをとって再び日本人のプレゼンス高めたい」ということを話したが、Jeffはそれに対し、「それは企業のグローバル化においてむしろ良いことで、あなたは日本と海外のブリッジになることを目指した方がいい」とコメントし新しい観点に気づかせてくれた。
しかし、ロアコンサルティングのサービスで最も優れているのはエッセイのサポート能力である。最初に書いた通り、私はエッセイに書くコンテンツには自信があったが、word limitの中で人の心を打つような英文として書き上げることには自信がなかった。Jeffのサポートにより私の凡庸で冗長な英文は、格調高く切れ味鋭い文章に生まれ変わり、志望していたすべてのスクールからインタビューに呼ばれることができた。
– HEC Paris, IESE

出願校の数でパッケージとする形はUniqueであり、先が見えないMBA受験においてはかなり心強いサービス形態である。形式だけの問題ではなく、Jeff氏本人のSupportiveでProfessionalな姿勢に裏打ちされた、強力な「スタイル」と感じた。MBAに限らず幅広くGraduate Programの出願を支援していることからも、大局的な視点も欠かさず、とても頼もしい存在であった。このMBA受験のプロセスをやりきり、ストレートに第一志望のプログラムに進学決定したことは、Jeff氏のおかげである。
– LBS、Oxford(Said), Chicago(Booth), UC Berkeley(Haas), HEC Paris

✓ リアクションが早く、丁寧な対応で助かりました。12月末スタート→3月にはApplication締切という比較的タイトなスケジュールだったかと思いますが、迅速に対応していただけたお陰で2月中旬には申請を完了させることができました。
✓ 提出文章のチェック~面接対策まですべて実施していただけるので、安心感がありました。
✓ 費用が固定額というのも安心して受講できた点の一つでした。(費用が固定だからといって、面接などを渋るということもなかったのでその点も良かったです)
– Cornell University, Executive Master of Human Resource Management

– HEC Paris + others

私のMBA受験はジェフの献身的なサポートなしでは、成功しませんでした。私は、GPAが非常に低く、 優れたテストスコアを持っていなかったので、優れたエッセイとインタビュー等定性面が効果的だったこと以外に合格した理由が見当たりません。数多くのMBA受験を成功させてきたジェフのエッセイとインタビュー対策、そして、学校とのネットワーキングの支援など定性面におけるサポートのおかげで合格できました。ジェフのサービスの素晴らしかった点、合格に寄与した点を以下に記載します。

一つは、メールの返信が非常に早いことです。一見すると見落としがちですが、基本的に即日、遅くても24時間以内に返信が返ってくるので、非常に頼りになりました。特にInterviewやビジット後のThanks letterの添削やアドミッションとのメールのやりとりも事前に添削してくれたので、心おきなくネットワーキングに注力できました。夜の23時にインタビューをすることが多かったですが、1時間後には添削してしてくれて、連絡の早さが必要な場面でも頼りになりました。また、どんな些細な質問でも120%のクオリティで、返信してくれるのは非常に助かりました。返信も早くアドバイスも的確なので、ジェフに頼ろうとする好循環が生まれました。



 – Tepper (GMAT: 580GPA:  2.5)

出願校の数でパッケージとする形はUniqueであり、先が見えないMBA受験においてはかなり心強いサービス形態である。形式だけの問題ではなく、Jeff氏本人のSupportiveでProfessionalな姿勢に裏打ちされた、強力な「スタイル」と感じた。MBAに限らず幅広くGraduate Programの出願を支援していることからも、大局的な視点も欠かさず、とても頼もしい存在であった。このMBA受験のプロセスをやりきり、ストレートに第一志望のプログラムに進学決定したことは、Jeff氏のおかげである。

– Haas

Thanks to your strong and dedicated support, we did it!
I got acceptance right now from Copenhagen Business School!
Though I was behind of GMAT score, the essays and interview which you supported helped a lot for this acceptance.
– Copenhagen Business School

2001-2022 Results: 45 admissions
US MBAs: 17 (inc. Columbia, Kellogg, MIT, Tuck, Yale)
Non-US MBAs: 14 (inc. HEC, IMD, LBS)
Non-MBA Programs: 14 (inc. Columbia, Fletcher, Georgetown, Harvard, Oxford, Yale)

Feedback from 2022 clients:

Jeff-san was really good at drawing out my thoughts during the session and gave me very sound advice. Through the sessions with Jeff-san, I was able to clarify my vision of my career and write a very satisfactory SoP. As I was concerned about my English ability and had a short preparation period for applying grad schools, without Jeff’s support, I do not think I would have been accepted to a grad school that I hoped to enroll.I really appreciate your kind support.
– Michigan (Ford), Chicago (Harris), Columbia (SIPA), Georgetown (McCourt)
“Good morning! I just want to let you know that I got accepted to Harvard. I just want to let you know again, how grateful I am for all the support you have given me.”
– Harvard MPH, Yale MPH/MBA, others.
“I passed IMD.Thank you so much for your dedicated assistance!”- IMD MBA (only school applied to).

“Thank you for giving me good advice. Jeff’s support has brought me to starting my MBA journey. I have received invitations for interviews at all the schools I applied to. Thank you so much!”
– Manchester, Michigan State, Emory, Indiana, Vanderbilt.

“I am very grateful for the tremendous support I received in the application process from you.”
– Michigan Ford School, others.

“Working with Jeff was one of the best investments I have made in my life. Starting with the brainstorming session through the mock interview, I was able to build great stories to state on my applications and bring out the best part of my personal experience and skill. Although mid-career Executive MBA applicants like me was not a majority among MBA world, his support backed by the abundant experience was brilliant. He understands Japanese people’ mindset quite well so that his advice was always practical and reasonable. His lead to admission by the shortest path was helpful to me who cannot secure sufficient time due to child caring. By the way, his office in Aoyama with full of west coast atmosphere is a must-see!”
– IE Full-time MBA (only school applied to).

Roah Consulting 2020-2021 Results

Despite the difficult situation caused by the pandemic, my clients once again had excellent results. I had 20 students (my maximum). They all received at least one admission, and 19 clients were admitted to either their first or second choice school. Overall, my clients were admitted to a total of 58 schools, which are listed below.

US MBAs (32)

Berkeley, Babson, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Cornell Tech (2), Duke, Kellogg, Michigan (3), NYU, Columbia (2), Emory, Georgia Tech, Georgetown, George Washington, Indiana, Maryland, MIT, North Carolina, Rice, Stanford, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt, Wharton (2), Washington.

European MBAs (14)

Bocconi, Cambridge (2), IE, HEC, INSEAD, London Business School (2), LBS Sloan Fellows, London School of Economics, Manchester Business School, Oxford (2), Univ of London.

Asian MBAs (5)

INSEAD Singapore, Nanyang, National University of Singapore (3).

Non-MBAs (7)

Berkeley MPH, Chicago MPP Columbia LLM, Columbia SIPA, Georgetown MPA (2), Penn LLM (Wharton Certificate).

2019 合格実績速報!


As my clients know, I limit myself to 20 clients per year. I do this to ensure that ALL of my clients get the full support they need to submit outstanding applications, prepare for the interviews, and, in some cases, even prepare for the tests. One client had to stop counseling in late December due to his work. So, he did not submit any applications. But all of my 19 remaining clients were successful. In total, they received 43 acceptances, including from these top programs:

US programs: Chicago, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Northwestern, NYU, UPenn-Wharton (dual program), Stanford, Texas Austin, UCLA.
European Programs: Bocconi, ESADE, Cambridge, HEC Paris (2), IESE, IMF Paris, King’s College London, LBS, Oxford.
Asian Programs: Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore

Several of my clients got into their dream schools despite low test scores or grades. Their keys to success were strong essays that led to interview invitations and thorough interview training, both of which allowed them to demonstrate their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. I truly enjoy helping them succeed this year. See below for comments made by these and other clients regarding my services. For more information on my services or to schedule a free consultation, please click here.




  • Stanford GSB
    Thank you very much for your valuable advice and support. You always quickly reviewed my materials and gave me very useful feedback. You also prepared me well for my interview. I could not have been admitted by my DREAM SCHOOL without your support.

  • NYU, UPenn, Northwestern, Georgetown, UCLA, Boston LL.M.
    Jeffのサービスの良いポイントは、納得のいくまで何回でもエッセイの内容を相談で きるところです。彼のアドバイスは的確であり、カウンセリングを重ねるうちに私 のエッセイは具体性を持った説得力のあるものになっていったと思います。また、 カウンセリングの時間を柔軟に調整してくれるのも助かりました。私は企業派遣の 留学生で日本の弁護士資格もありませんが、彼のサポートのおかげでアメリカのロースクール上位校に入学することができました。

  • HEC Paris MBA

    I got many benefits from Roah Consulting through my admission process.
    Firstly, Jeff is very flexible. I started to consult him from 2017 and had suspended consultation for a year because of my professional and personal reasons. He told me that I could restart the consultation anytime without any additional charge and that he would continue offering the service until I get admitted. It was very encouraging for me.
    Secondly, he provided me his network not only for the admission process but also for my business.
    Thirdly, he increased the range of searching schools. I intended to join an MBA program, but he provided information of not only MBA programs but also other programs which could fit for my future career. It widened my scope of researching the schools. (In the end, I chose to go to MBA). Lastly, he pays respect for clients.

  • ESSEC Business School (MSc, IFM Paris), Skema Business School/ NC State (Dual Degree)
    His service and hospitality were just amazing! When I struggled about Msc or MBA and essays, he always advised me and motivated me considering my future goals, background and everything. It was not only helpful but also encouraging for me to make a decision. I take my hat off to his flexibility and generosity because he made an effort all the time for hundreds of essay reviews, brainstorming and even interview practices. Eventually, thanks to him, I could be accepted to all schools that I applied with great scholarships from most schools. I really, really appreciate his commitment. Lastly, I definitely suggest his service no matter which programs you apply in the future.

  • Emory University Goizueta Business School
    I couldn’t go to any MBA program without you. So, I really appreciate you!
    This year, our company has two candidates for MBA and LLM.
    I have already recommended that the candidates should contact you!

  • NUS, HKUST (with merit scholarship)
    Jeff always made me feel positive even if I was highly confused in the application process, so I could enjoy the discussions with him. In addition, his idea and essay review skills were great. When I wrote an essay over the word limitation, he carefully listened to my experience/thought and immediately helped me modify the draft within the limitation. I cannot thank you enough Jeff.

  • Cambridge Judge, HEC Paris
    Jeff was so flexible and patient. I couldn’t have done it without his support. Thanks Jeff!

  • University of Chicago Booth, Oxford Saïd Business School (plus scholarship)
    Thank you for everything you have done as my MBA adviser. You have done a fabulous job to get me into such top programs. You should be proud of this, especially given my miserable scores. I am sure they largely weighted the essays, which could not have been in a great shape without all of your support.

  • University of Texas McCombs
    Thank you for your support! I asked you a lot of revisions and advice which made me succeed.
    What you taught was very essential for my success in MBA challenge. I really appreciate your help, and I am very proud of getting a chance to study at McCombs. Thanks to you, I succeeded in my MBA challenge. I am sure that you will help my colleague get into his top

  • HEC, Bocconi, ESADE (plus scholarship)
    Thank you for your great work always! I really appreciate you. Thank you for your support on my scholarship too.

  • Emory University Goizueta, University of Washington Foster
    Thank you so much for your support! It couldn’t happen without your help!
    Thank you so much!

  • Leading LLM Program (school undisclosed upon client’s request)

  • Illinois Institute of Technology (Master of Design Methods)
    Jeff Roah always encouraged me in any situation. I really appreciated his positive and supportive attitude, and I think it’s the most important credential for a counselor. Probably, quality of services provided by other counselors, such as editing essays and practicing interviews, makes little difference, so ability of motivating clients to pursue own goals matters more than that. In this point, Jeff’s service can be said as top class and it is worth to ask him for consulting.

  • University College of London (TESOL), King’s College London (TESOL), Edinburgh (TESOL)
    エッセイ、CV、専門分野の論文のCritical Reviewの添削に加え、面接の指導も同料金で何度でも受けることができるので、受験前に追加料金などの余計な心配をせずに済み、本当に助かった。また、指導は自分の都合やニーズに会わせて実際に事務所でおこなったり、SKYPEなどでおこなったり臨機応変に対応してもらい、追い込みの忙しい中でもスケジュールを調整しやすかった。受験先はジェフの専門分野であるMBAでなかったが、一緒に論文を読んでくれるなど、こちらが必要としているサポートは惜しみなくしてくれた。MBAでなくてもおすすめのコンサルタント。



  • ESADE (Spain), IE (Spain), HEC (France)
    I really appreciate Jeff Roah because his advice always improved my essays and skills for the interview. His ability to polish my essay is incredible and I could not have been accepted by three of the top European Business Schools without his assistance. Also, his responses were quick, so I was not fear about progress of my application process. Finally, his comments often encouraged me. Thank you very much and keep in touch!

  • McGill MBA Japan Program

    All inclusive support:基礎的な英語力アップから面接対策まで

  • Extensive experience

  • Flexible schedule adjustment

  • Cambridge Judge Business School, Oxford Said Business School
    Jeffrey’s consultation was very constructive. He has abundant experiences in both US and European schools. Particularly, I found his essay editing skill and strategic feedback outstanding. Being an American from Los Angeles who also understand Japanese mindset, Jeffrey is great at cheering his clients up even when things are not going their ways and always help them succeed.

  • Georgetown University Master of Public Policy
    Roah Consulting supported not only the writing of my application documents but also TOEFL speaking. I was highly satisfied by Mr. Roah’s support and appreciated his kindness. Through our brainstorming sessions, he helped me highlight my strengths and unique aspects and sharpen my career goals. He cheered me up with his positive personality and helped me get through the tough work. I greatly appreciate his kind support!

  • Columbia University, USC Syracuse University, University of Pittsburg
    I really want to thank you for your indispensable help throughout the time, thank you very much. Could not been better on essay revision!

  • ESADE Business School, Alliance Manchester Business School

  • MIT Sloan Fellows
    I really appreciate all support given from Jeff. He supported my challenge from beginning to end. Especially his editing service was very helpful because his work was very fast and given in a timely manner. Also, he was so nice guy that he used his private time to support my taking personal video to submit to the schoo. l I usually met Jeff on Saturday. Sometime he looked exhausted, but he always gave me appropriate advice.
    I want to say thank you very much to Jeff.

  • University of Southern California (Marshall IBEAR), University of Pittsburgh (Katz), William & Mary (Mason)
    ① 豊富な指導実績に基づくプロフェッショナルとしての指導力
    ② 柔軟かつ迅速な対応
    I really appreciate your professional support. Had it not been for your help, I could not have passed IBEAR!

  • Michigan GMBA, NUS MBA
    Unlimited time consultation made me easy to visit his office so many times. This benefit created the strong relationship with Jeff. TOEFL Speaking training was also provided, and it was a good opportunity to foster my speaking and listening capabilities.
    Thank you for all your help. Without that, I could not make it.

    Thank you very much for your advice and kind support for the essays! I truly appreciate it. I couldn’t submit such strong essays without your support.

    今年に入っても(出願後も)TOEFLを受け続けることを勧めてくれたことについて、とても感謝しています。そのおかげで、(少しですが)Best Scoreを伸ばすことができ、合格につながったと考えています。
    I appreciate very much for your kind and meticulous support.

  • Georgetown University, Master of Public Policy
    Jeff was very helpful for revising applicant documents (resume, optional statement and personal statement). In the pre-interviews, he gave me lots of good ideas and pointed out my weak points clearly.
    But for your help, I would have failed. Thanks for your great help, Jeff!

  • Singapore Management University: Master of IT in Business – Analytics Track, Nanyang Technical University: Master of Science in Analytics
    Jeff helped me to improve my resume and Statement of Purpose continuously by suggesting better ways of expression and organization. I believe those were key parts of my application processes. Now that my applications are done, my resume is the by-product I can utilize in the future when I apply for jobs. He also gave me productive feedback after mock interviews.
    Thank you very much indeed for your help!

  • IESE


Jeff Roah





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